Fall Fashion Three Ways: Part III

Part I played more into the fun of the season with a Hocus Pocus sort of vibe, and Part II replaced the obligatory oversized sweater with a monogrammed poncho.

Part III is more about the basics of fall fashion. As much as I love dressing up in quirky or unique outfits, there are just some staples essential to each season for everyday wear. Nothing says “autumn” quite like a huge blanket scarf or brown leather boots.

Fall Fashion Part III, pic two.png

The got the jeans and blue shirt from The Limited, and boots from Charlotte Russe. The huge blanket scarf was actually sent to me for free from Monday Dress.

So, so often Monday Dress and their sister company, Marley Lilly, send free gifts to their customers for spending a certain amount. Their scarves outright are about $35, so getting them for free is awesome. I also love the blanket scarves from Urban Outfitters and Forever 21.


fall fashion three ways, teeth

If you know me, you know I love pearls. I’m wearing oversized ones here. I love big earrings that dangle, but they seem (at least for me) to always get caught in my huge scarf. I paired this outfit, too, with gold bangles and a watch with a brown leather strap from Burberry.

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