Fall Fashion Three Ways: Part Two

The second outfit is my take on the obligatory fall sweater. I swapped the oversized sweater for a tan poncho with a monogram.

poncho real 3
ALSO: Please note that the monogram featured is my soon-to-be new name! The wedding is this November.

Honestly I just think it’s something different. Everyone loves a bold and fun sweater, myself included, but I think this is super comfy and stylish. I got this monogrammed poncho from Marley Lilly. I am never, ever disappointed in the quality of their products. Everything is stylish, super affordable, and well made. I also love their sister company, Monday Dress. The jeans are Lucky Brand and I’m wearing a generic white button down I got from The Limited.
poncho real 6
My accessories are a little more practical with this outfit. I love Ray-Bans, and a bold watch is never wrong. The watch is Burberry. I’ve had a few watches from Burberry now, and honestly they are well-priced and last forever. This outfit is great for lounging around or going on a coffee date.

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